Swimmers Itch Explained. Plus, The Only Product That Prevents It!

This article explains what swimmers itch is, How it gets into your lake, and how to avoid getting it while still being able to swim and enjoy the beach! Learn more about our Swimmers Itch Repellent that works 100% of the time when applied properly. Check out our new product that repels swimmers itch.

You itch after swimming in your lake or pond, maybe even develop a fever, become nauseated and spend several sleepless nights itching.  Why?  Well, it’s called Swimmers Itch.

Swimmers Itch is caused by your body being exposed to lake and pond water which contains a microscopic larvae of a flatworm which works its way into your skin.  This little critter is a result of bird or small rodent carrying the parasite, passing it through their digestive tract and having it deposited into the water.  It enters the snail, then burrows out of the snail taking the form of the swimming, aquatic larva which then enters a human host.  Good thing the itch lasts no more than 4-7 days.  By the way, schistosome cercarial dermatitis is not contagious and will not spread.

Up until now there has been no real solution for swimmers itch. There have only been products that help “help reduce the Itchy feeling of swimmers itch“. We FINALLY have the solution. It has been proven to work 100% of the time when applied properly. You can literally swim in a lake infested with swimmers itch for up to 90 minutes and be fine!

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Swimmer's Itch Guard

You may wonder if the condition of your lake or pond is the reason “the itch” has invaded your lake or pond.  Quite to the contrary, sometimes having a natural aquatic situation is the best thing to keep a good balance.  It is not possible to know how long the outbreak will last due to the variety of the parasites.  For some lakes and ponds it may last only a couple of weeks, for others it may be for the entire season.  It is found in almost every state in the US as well as all of the provinces of Canada and 30 countries around the world.

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Another interesting article about the common mistake people make about thinking Chiggers is swimmers it can be found at https://www.watershedcouncil.org/learn/swimmers-itch/

Best Way of Preventing Swimmers Itch

The Weeders Digest Introduces Swimmer’s Itch Guard!

Up until now, the focus on Swimmer’s Itch has been how to treat the rash once it appears. Most topical, over the counter products, don’t help with the itch of the rash.  Although the rash typically only lasts from 4-7 days, it is bothersome enough that it keeps people from enjoying swimming, boating, and other water activities.  Well now there is GOOD NEWS!  Weeders Digest has a solution.

It’s called Swimmer’s Itch Guard (SIG).  It’s a combination “chemical block” with an SPF30 sunscreen.  Why does SIG work so well?  The answer: because it is a preventative solution.  SIG is applied BEFORE you enter the water.  It acts as a repellent and prevents the parasites from entering the skin.  The secret, be sure SIG is applied prior to entering the water.  Swimmer’s Itch Guard is also safe for children. All of the ingredients are proven safe, natural ingredients.  These ingredients prevent swimmer’s itch by repelling the parasite and thereby preventing them from penetrating the skin.  Here are some other facts about Swimmer’s Itch Guard:


What is the Shelf Life of Swimmer’s Itch Guard?

The shelf life of Swimmer’s Itch Guard is 7 years and the shelf life for its protection against swimmer’s itch is more than 7 years. The expiration date is stamped on each jar.

Applications per Jar

An average sized adult will use about 1 ounce of Swimmer’s Itch Guard per application so children will use proportionately less according to their size. A reasonable estimate for a family of four going in the water 2 times per week for 8 weeks is 6 jars.

Directions for Use

Before entering the water, apply to all uncovered skin and all skin under loose fitting bottoms and tops that will be under water continuously for 5 minutes or longer. Apply liberally and evenly. Reapply after 90 minutes of water activity or taking a shower or hot-tub.

How to Remove Swimmer’s Itch Guard Easily

The easiest way to remove Swimmer’s Itch Guard is to “wet” a paper towel with any vegetable oil or baby oil and wipe off with the “wetted” paper towel. You should see a pink residue on the paper towel. Afterwards, a soap and water bath or shower will remove the oil. This extra step makes the removal process much easier.